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AppAsia Berhad formerly known as Extol MSC Berhad is one of the country’s top publicly traded mobile applications, digital contents and e-commerce solution providers. AppAsia officially changed its name on 17 November 2014, having also assumed the listing status of Extol on Bursa Malaysia’s high growth ACE market. Extol was formed in 1984 and subsequently in 2006, the firm was listed on Bursa Malaysia’s ACE market.

In line with the name change and fresh set of challenges, AppAsia has set its sights on achieving its targets to create shareholder value, an incubator for talents to help create a ‘killer App” that will help change how the mobile and online community interacts, and a leader in the South-East Asian ecommerce community. As AppAsia has expanded its ventures over previous years into various digital areas, our repertoire has grown to include digital advertising across all media platforms, and the building, maintenance and running of several ecommerce websites as well as the development of a leading emarketplace platform.

AppAsia currently has seven fully owned subsidiaries, namely AppAsia Studio Sdn Bhd, AppAsia Tech Sdn Bhd, AppAsia Mall Sdn Bhd, AppAsia International Sdn Bhd, AppAsia Cloud Sdn Bhd, AppAsia Express Sdn Bhd, Extol Corporation Sdn Bhd and Extol Ventures Sdn Bhd.


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(吉隆坡22日讯)亚洲APP(APPASIA,0119,创业股)截至6月杪次季,净赚2万令吉或每股0.01仙,优于去年同期的净亏150万7000令吉或每股0.54仙。 营业额按年暴增5.53倍,从118万2000令吉,增至772万3000令吉,主要归功于电子商务业务。 合计首半年,净亏收窄至201万8000令吉;营业额录得922万令吉,激增2.76倍。 展望未来,预计电子商务业务会持续增长,因商家对商家(B2B)市场继续逐步崛起;数字内容仍然处于强劲增长趋势。 至于通信科技安全业务,料持续稳定。 此外,亚洲APP正在寻求将其现有数字媒体平台,扩大至其他内容供应商,因为该公司一直在努力增加客户群的深度和广度。 无论如何,董事部依然正面看待,公司能为阿里巴巴云端业务取得新客户。 Source: eNanyang.my Wed, Aug 23, 2017