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Change of Group’s Name to “AppAsia Berhad”

We are pleased to announce that our Group has changed name from “Extol MSC Berhad” to “AppAsia Berhad” with effective from 17 November 2014.

Our Group has been well positioned in the IT Security Industry in the past few decades. While continuing the efforts to further our presence in the IT security sphere, AppAsia plans to expand its business in mobile content and applications. The mobile content and mobile apps industry is driven by the factors like changes in lifestyles and acceptance of mobile smartphones in Asia and global, increasing penetration rate of mobile internet in Malaysia, growing popularity of users accessing content via mobile applications; all these signifying growth potential for the mobile telecommunications industry as a whole. These growth factors are expected to propel the use of mobile applications, thus suggesting an upward trend in the future growth of the mobile content and application market.