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Connect end users with great digital experiences anywhere in the world with our CDN

Use our robust connectivity and infrastructure to deliver web content, multimedia, software packages and more.

✔ High availability

✔ Faster site performance

✔ Improved security

Key Features

Built for high performance digital experiences

AppAsia’s CDN offers a robust and connected network that maximises performance for users anywhere in the world.

  • Intelligently manages traffic peak loads using DNS based Global Server Load Balancing.

  • Globally distributed POPs ensures fast website loading times, low connection latency and high download success rates.

  • Remove or prefetch cached content to maximise storage. High performance infrastructure including SSD based servers and dedicated optimisation software ensures high availability.
Secure features and capabilities

Our CDN prioritises security and prevents unauthorised and malicious access.

  • Manage selective access to content using geo restrictions, signed URL authentication, remote request authentication and TLS management.

  • AppAsia’s CDN supports several secure protocols including HTTP2, HTTPS, QUIC, IPv4 and IPv6.

  • Get alerts and real-time notifications with high granularity reporting and domain and URL level reporting dashboards.

Security & Privacy

Proven technology and infrastructure

AppAsia’s CDN shares the fundamental architecture and software that supports over a billion monthly active users.

Tailored for business growth

Our CDN works closely with customers to create bespoke capabilities and offers white-glove managed services to get the best out of the network.

Global coverage

POPs distributed all over the world for rapid content experiences with minimal delay.

For European Union (EU) consumers to have control over their personal data

For California consumers to have more control over their personal information businesses collect

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO/IEC 27017:2015

Streaming and Production

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