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Mobile Games are Fun


Mobile Games are an evolving and revolutionary tool on how human beings behave and interact on a daily basis. Games are credited in driving new technologies, that are essential in the modern living environment. As such Apps are everywhere, and still rising in popularity, covering games, social media, video, shopping, news, stock markets, healthcare, entertainment, education, and etc.

We Love to See Apps Change Lives

We love our work and are thankful to be involved in this modern App & Games revolution. Our commitment is to develop apps & games that bring transformation to human lifestyle. We are devoted to produce high quality mobile apps & games for the benefits the consumers and the business community. We hope that the apps that we develop can spice-up, entertain, bring changes and helping in organizing life matters for people.

 How We Design Apps

We design Apps combining: Creativity – Passion – Knowledge

The Develapps team is developing mobile apps and games that support IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other platforms for the use of vast variety smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Our designs, analytics and development, are the combination of our passion, knowledge, inventiveness with the latest innovations in it.

AppAsia Mobile Apps & Games Development


Prospects of AppAsia in Mobile Apps Industry

Our Group’s prospects in the mobile apps business is expected to be buoyed by the positive outlook in the mobile content market globally and in Malaysia, where the factors like changes in lifestyle and acceptance of mobile smartphones, increasing penetration rate of mobile internet in Malaysia and the same region, growing popularity of users accessing content via mobile application and increasing disposable income of the population; signifies growth potential for mobile content industry.

Moving forward, beside expand our current corporation’s security solutions to include mobile content and application solutions (namely consumer security mobile application, secure messaging application, and location-based mobile search application), AppAsia aim to offer more localised apps to cater for local market as most of the apps currently are developed overseas. Our intention is to develop more mobile apps covering areas like education and learning, entertainment and mobile games. We also hope that the new featured apps, travel and lifestyle apps by our Developers Team will benefited both local and regional consumers meanwhile adding some spices to our day-to-day life!


Business Enquiry:

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