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AppAsia operates in the ICT security business under the Extol brand name for strategic reasons, namely because in this field, Extol already has a niche market. Since 1984, Extol has been distributing hardware and software products, and some six years later, the company had branched out into the ICT Security business. By 1992, the Extol brand name was on firm ground in the ICT security sector, having developed ‘ARMOUR’, an award winning software. AppAsia’s ICT Security offerings includes ICT Security consultancy and certification; Managed Security Services and Systems monitoring; Secured Enterprise Applications that focus on authentication and various IT Security Solutions. Todate, AppAsia, operating under the Extol brandname continues to push innovation in tomorrow’s security solutions and expand its offerings and operations to its global clients.

Global Clients

Our clients base includes Hong Kong and ShangHai of China, New York of America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Middle East.

Various Industries

Our solutions and services covers various industries: Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Media, Education, Defence and Government, as well as private sectors.


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Our Solutions

Managed Security Services

Extol encompasses the commissioning of Log Collector Managers and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting system. Normalised logs will then be transmitted in a secure manner to Extol’s Security Operation Centre where the Security Incidence Event Management (SIEM) system analyzes the logs, monitors them for security breaches and alerts us of the incident. Our systems are handled by security operators, analysts, and researchers on duty in rotating shifts 24 hour a day 365 days a year.
Our BI reporting system is an enterprise portal which enables customers to perform ad-hoc reporting in real-time, allowing for self-help capabilities and the ability to audit logs and alerts.
Besides the monitoring services, Extol will also provide 1st and 2nd level incident analysis. 1st level incident analysis is done by Extol’s Security Analysts where alerts are quickly verified for authenticity and applicability, and if further analysis is required, Extol’s Professional Services team with its Security Researcher, and Consultant will perform the 2nd Level Incident Analysis with detailed information on affected systems, risk levels, timeline analysis of the incident, historical analysis and remediation steps.

IT Security Audit

A properly secured technology infrastructure will ensure that your organisation is protected against threats, while ensuring that your data and business reputation remain intact.

Extol will evaluate your organisation for internal and external security threats. We will consider how your organisation uses its IT systems and the types of data it creates. Then we will create and implement a comprehensive and proactive security plan that will protect your organisation against different threats. Services like Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Application Assessment, Source Code Review are parts of this IT Security Audit.

Mobile Device Management

Modern workplaces have mobile workers using devices to connect. Whether these devices are brought from home or supplied by the company, they need robust IT systems, management controls and security policies to protect critical business data like email, documents and applications.

Extol’s Mobile Device Management solution keeps track of, protects and updates mobile devices, while providing visibility into wide-reaching cellular networks that are off-limits to most administrators.

e-Passport (2Factor Authentications)

2 Factor Authentication is commonly found in user’s authentication where the process of a requesting what user knows (password) and what the user has (mobile token). Authentication is an important aspect of computer security, as this will allow your application to determine whether or not you have authorization for access. This method of authentication can be used for both secure logins through authentication response and also for transaction data signing.

Core Engine
– Can be deployed on premise, multi-location and cloud.
– e-Passport also provides authentication across different locations that intelligently mirrors each other.

Public Key Infrastructures
– PKI allows verification for both server and client.
– e-Passport also supports mobile PKI.

Why Us?

It is always in the spirit of our Group to give the best solutions and services to our clients. We are passionate in what we do and care for client needs.

30 Years of Excellence

Providing IT products and services since 1984. Venture into ICT security industry since 1990.

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Our work is always based on our empathy towards our products. We have a team of experts ready to assist you in safeguarding your business.

Global Clients 

Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong and ShangHai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Thailand, United Kingdom, New York, Vietnam


We provide consultancy, solutions, products and services – answers to your problems ALL under one roof!

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Banking, Oil and Gas, Telco, Media, Education, Defense, Government and Private Sectors

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