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Digital Publishing Solution – Partnering with AppAsia

1. Be Our Partner! Grow Your Digital Publishing Business With AppAsia!

Are you a publisher looking to gain more business with unlimited rewards? Join AppAsia as a business partner to create a buzz about digital publishing and enjoy the lucrative perks that we offer. The AppAsia is a renowned name in the digital publishing industry that has a powerful presence across continents. Getting on-board with us, means an immense online exposure that will help you reach the pinnacle of success in the online publishing industry in a very short time. We offer an ocean full of opportunities to go beyond the success levels that you have always been thinking of. Let’s sail together towards success!

We have served some of the best names in the digital publishing industry, so partnering with us does make a sense if you dream of working with a giant in the online publishing industry. Partnering with us gives you a technological edge over your competitors. Let’s get started!


2. Printed Newspapers to Digital Newspapers – Transform Your Business!

AppAsia takes you a long way from traditional newspapers to digital newspapers – a thing your audience will appreciate. To traditional newspaper publishers, we extend an opportunity to start a new business model under their flagship. Technology in digital publishing is our biggest arsenal. With its help only, we offer you all relevant features and functions, powerful enough to take your conventional newspaper publishing to the skies of digital publishing. Smoothing your business life is what we aim for and you will never realize when AppAsia will become the part of your daily business.

Digital Publishing Solutions For Newspapers Under One-Roof!

Imagine doing business in the hassle-free and the way you want? AppAsia provides professional digital publishing solutions for newspapers. AppAsia Digital publishing platform is all about convenience. AppAsia Tech offers various type of services include online solutions, web, and app design & development that focus on E-News and E-Media.Choose our digital platform to offer your readers an outstanding online newspaper reading experience.

AppAsia Publishing Solutions giving you an ease of doing business while transforming your traditional newspaper publishing to digital publishing for better monetary rewards and prosperous future.


3. Why should magazine publishers choose AppAsia to create digital editions?

Everything You Need For A Website

AppAsia offers complete web solutions to help you build your online presence and get noticed. We ensure your website will not only look great but meet the needs of both you and your customers as well. Having 10 years of experience in this industry, our satisfied clients will back us up for the quality work and excellent support we’ve been giving.

Your goals are extremely important to us, and we will work with you to create the perfect design for every need.


4. Go digital to grow your business

Deliver the best reading experience for all major browsers and platforms with your branded web & mobile apps

AppAsia Digital Publishing Solution was able to create an interactive digital publishing solution for your business through a content-rich mobile app. We provide a platform for constantly improving and testing new grounds. From customizing design and UX features, to increasing ad revenue and broadening your reader base by acting on data, AppAsia helps you get the absolute most of your digital edition.


Benefits of Partnering with AppAsia:

  1. New and innovative product offering and implementation
  2. All out to create the best media platform with “in the same boat” partnership model
  3. Win-Win proposal with same goal to drive up the advertisement revenue together
  4. Maximize marketing effectiveness with best practices and innovative technology.
  5. 24/7/365 Monitoring of your IT Environment. Peace of mind technical development & support
  6. Partnership can help you focus on core business and not be distracted by complex IT decisions and mechanisms.
  7. Almost ZERO technical cost. AppAsia can manage your entire business and technical requirements, including web, mobile app and server setup and configuration.
  8. Minimize risk. Appasia will keep your day-to-day IT environment up-to-date. A limited in-house IT staff may not be able to respond and take care of the problem as quickly, leading to extended downtime, putting productivity at risk.


Leave the Limitations of Print Behind

Create an interactive experience to attract & retain new readers



Reach Your Mobile Readers

For 2019, the number of smartphone users in Malaysia is estimated to reach 21.76 million.



Reduce Printing & Distribution Costs

We publish and maintain your mobile App for 24/7 access to your latest content.




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