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AppAsia Berhad formerly known as Extol MSC Berhad is one of the country’s leading mobile applications, digital contents, e-commerce, IT security and cloud solution providers. AppAsia officially changed its name on 17 November 2014, having also assumed the listing status of Extol on Bursa Malaysia’s high growth ACE market. Extol was formed in 1984 and subsequently in 2006, the firm was listed on Bursa Malaysia’s ACE market.

In line with our vision, AppAsia has set its sights on achieving its targets to create shareholder value, an incubator for talents to help create digital platforms that will help change how the mobile and online community interacts, and a leader in the South-East Asian digital community. As AppAsia has expanded its ventures over previous years into various digital areas, our repertoire has grown to include digital advertising across all media platforms, and the building, maintenance and running of several e-commerce websites as well as the development of an e-marketplace platform.

AppAsia currently has 10 subsidiaries, in which nine (9) companies are wholly-owned.


What We Do


Starting in the year of 2015, AppAsia expanded its horizons and ventured towards the creation and design of several e-commerce websites in Malaysia and Australia.

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Mobile Apps

Our designs, analytics and development, are the combination of our passion, knowledge, inventiveness with the latest innovations in it.

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We are devoted to produce high quality media content for the benefits of the consumers and business community.

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IT Security

A properly secured technology infrastructure will ensure that your organisation is protected against threats, while ensuring that your data and business reputation remain intact.

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Find out what we’ve been up to. Stay up to date with the latest company information and news. Gain insights into upcoming projects.


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All of our latest projects on one page for your viewing. Enjoy the handiworks created by our creative and diligent staff.


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