Samurai Whacker

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Samurai Whacker is an endless arcade intense tapping game with nice Japan culture elements. In this game, you play as the legendary Master Hero to save the normal and poor villagers fight the Ninjas and Samurai that intruded the villages. You fight your way through the corrupted world to save the poor villagers from the attack of the cruel ninjas and samurai. With superior tapping and accurate killing skill, you are is ready to face all the enemies and strong Samurai Boss and Ninjas.

Samurai Whacker features nice, straight forward yet addicting gameplay, giving you thrilling moments and an unexpected experience. You can enhance your killing and tapping abilities and collect combos from accurate killing and tapping of Ninjas and Samurai Boss. Keep killing the Ninjas and destroy the enemies and save as many villagers as you could.


  • Nice Japanese background environment
  • Simple to control movement
  • Nice and the beautiful graphics
  • Combos to be collected
  • Challenge yourself with tough battles
  • Become a Master Hero!