Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our top priority. This privacy policy is designed to explain some of the privacy principles we abide by, in providing a responsible and reliable online experience.

Employee Access

Employee access is only limited to authorised employees who are fully trained in handling your information. These authorised personnel are required to ensure the confidentiality of your information and to respect your privacy at all times. Employees who have access to your information will be subjected to disciplinary action should they fail to observe this privacy policy.

Security Measures Adopted to Protect User Information

We protect your information in a highly secure data centre, adhering to strict computer security standards. We have put in place, privacy protection control systems designed to ensure that our customers’ information remain safe, secure and private. For more information on our security measures, please refer to our security statement.

Sharing of Information

APPASIA BERHAD does not disclose your information to any third party or external organisations. This is in view of our strict compliance to the Banking and Financial Institutional Act (BAFIA).
The only other instances where we disclose your information is:
* When it is required by law
* When such disclosure is required under legislation or regulation, government agency or court order.
* When it involves public interest
* When such disclosure is required to protect the interest of the public, for example in the detection of crimes, etc.
* Where it is authorised by you


You may address any queries, concerns or complaints relating to your information or data by writing or e-mailing us.