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AppAsia Berhad formerly known as Extol MSC Berhad is one of the country’s top publicly traded mobile content and applications business. AppAsia officially changed its name on 17 November 2014, having also assumed the listing status of Extol on Bursa Malaysia’s high growth ACE market. Extol was formed in 1984 and subsequently in 2006, the firm was listed on Bursa Malaysia’s ACE market.

In line with the name change, and fresh set of challenges, AppAsia has set it goal on achieving two target’s, namely to be a profit center , that constantly creates shareholder value, as well as to be an incubator for talents to help create a ‘killer App” that will help change how the mobile and online community interacts.

With this in mind, AppAsia invest a considerable amount of its resources into the information technology resources sector. As such, this has helped AppAsia in developing a presence in the information technology (IT) security industry.

AppAsia operates the IT security business under the EXTOL brand name, a leading provider of simple, cost-efficient and effective ICT security management systems, protecting organizations from security threats, such as malicious codes (viruses), network intrusions and fraudulent use of ICT systems.

AppAsia is a pioneer in this field, having developed and commercially launched “ARMOUR”, a commercially viable anti-virus software as well as initiate strategic technological partnerships such as Norman DDS (a Norwegian anti-virus software developer) for technological exchanges in terms of anti-virus applications.

AppAsia’s client base for the IT security business spawns across the globe, in business that cut across the banking and finance, oil and gas, education, media, telecommunication, defense sectors as well as from the government sector.

AppAsia currently has seven fully owned subsidiaries, namely AppAsia Studio Sdn Bhd, AppAsia Tech Sdn Bhd, AppAsia Mall Sdn Bhd, AppAsia International Sdn Bhd, Extol International Sdn Bhd, Extol Corporation Sdn Bhd and Extol Ventures Sdn Bhd.

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