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Project Description

Apple Escape is an addictive game that challenges you to drop an apple through a series of uneven floors with doors at the exits. Watch out the red apple which may be roll over to a wrong path and you need to take action to redirect it in order to complete the game stages. Your task is to escape from the wrong door and take action to click on the right block.

Apple Escape lets you start at first stage when with ease. Once it is escape (completed) you need to take action to unlock another stage. Each stage has its own difficulties and obstacles to unlock. Upon completion at respective stage, it will unlock the next stage until you reach stage 99 to complete the game play.

How to play the Apple Escape Game?

  • Once the game is downloaded and installed, click on the right arrow icon located at the bottom right of the start page.
  • You have a limit of 3 clicks to drop the apple until it reaches the bottom.
  • A single or multiple path are designed as the way to let the red apple to escape to the bottom level.
  • Each path has opening but s blocked by boxes. It act like a door to each path.
  • You need to remove the box which blocks the door by clicking on it.
  • Once the door is open, the red apple will flow through it until it reach the bottom.
  • Remember you are limited to 3 clicks in each stage of the game. Any click is not reversible.

Key features of Apple Escape game are as follows:

  • The game has a start page consist of nice customised graphics with Red Apple and Blocks.
  • A start arrow icon is at the bottom right of the start page.
  • A stage menu is include to show the number of stages you have completed. Those incomplete state are locked.
  • The opening page of the game is easy to understand instruction to show you “how To Play” the game
  • When you are ready, click on the circular arrow icon to start anytime
  • Release the red apple until it escapes through all the stages.

It’s fun! Never before you ever get a chance to play this easy yet interesting Apple Escape game. Download it now while it is still free !