Block Stack Puzzle

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Project Description

Block Stack Puzzle is an addictive yet challenging free game app. You are required to fill up the space with various shape of block horizontally so that without leaving any space at the mania. The block of different colour and shape will drop and you can move it left or right to place the block. You can also rotate the shape such that it fits nicely with other blocks.

Block Stack Puzzle will move at speedy pace as it reaches the top. When it does, your game is over. So, you must decide where to place or stack the block while it drop. While a block is dropping, the next block will appear at the top right of the menu for you to stand by your next move.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited FREE block puzzles!
  • Each block has it own shape and color
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Infinite challenged with stacking
  • Score is given when a row is filled with blocks

Download this FREE game app of Block Stack Puzzle and challenge yourself with speed, judgement and decision.