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Fruity Mania – Free Smart and Fun Mental Maths Training Games is a FREE educational and casual game for you. You and your child will learn and challenge the maths puzzles via plus, minus, multiplication and figure out how to add and form numbers start with easy to difficult levels – everything will be in the form of mental maths games. With the cheers of fruits, candy medals, power ups, young learner is unlikely to get endless fun and say no to boring.

Fruity Mania – Free Smart and Fun Mental Maths Training Games brings great news for moms and dads and it is the best way to help their kids learn the maths, while for kids it is a new educational playground instilled with entertainment and happiness!


  • Step-by-step learning process. You and your child can play with a math puzzle only after he learned the previous ones.
  • Complete puzzles by joining the number to form the correct total amount appear on top.
  • Nice and bright fruits to help study and remember the amount.
  • Learn and Play the offering games with the maths puzzle you and your child has already learned.
  • Such games help your kids to learn the maths quick and with no effort!


Eat the yummy fruits by adding the numbers together to form a sum. Traverse the vast universe by completing a unique challenge in each planet. Escape from the mean Sakais as you unlock the deep mysteries of space.

Stretch your math abilities as each level provides a unique challenge with different obstacles. Up your game by using power ups and bonuses to get through. Put your knowledge to the test with the boss levels.

Fruity Mania – Free Smart and Fun Mental Maths Training Games gradually leads us from the easy levels to the hard and complicated maths puzzles. At first, only simple maths puzzles with value of 4,5,6,7 and 8 are open, but upon completing and learning them, you and your child will challenge harder levels with double digits maths puzzles. You are granted the first combo power ups for longer chain of numbers you are able to form!


Easy to pick up and play. Just add the numbers together. With over 70 levels and more coming up, there is always something for you


How many planets you there are? Go where no alien has gone before. More planets coming up.


Unlock special abilities and power ups to beat some of the harder levels.


Fruity Mania – Free Smart and Fun Mental Maths Training Games Is full of bright colors and amusing virtual characters for leisure and casual playing as well as education of children of preschool or kindergarten age. Grandmother, mom, dad, sister – everyone can be your child’s playmate in acquiring the basic skills of calculating, plus, minus, multiply and finding out how to maths and games can work together to the best of kids/children. Playing Fruity Mania with grandma, grandpa, mother or father have never been such a joy!