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The water in the ocean is calm and warm and it is the best time to play surfing. 

Put your finger on the surfing board and start surfing. Beware of the surrounding obstacles. There are many pieces of rocks are floating on the ocean. The fishing boats are also driving around. Do not collide with any of the obstacle or your surfing board will be destroyed.

That’s not all. There are also many deadly fishes such as jellyfishes and hungry sharks swimming around and hunting for food. Your finger may become a delicious food for the hungry sharks. So, watch out for the deadly fishes too.

Let master your surfing skill. The longer distance you surf, the higher the score. Make sure nobody can beat your high score.


  1. Variety of obstacles to avoid.
  2. Beat the high score.
  3. Nice graphic.
  4. Challenging level.

It’s free! Download Finger Surfing now and give it a try.