Swipe Master Basketball Game

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A best basketball-like game. Now is time to swipe some items and balls towards the hoop or basket.

If you like basketball sport game, you will definitely like Swipe Master. It is because Swipe Master allows you to throw not just basketball into the hoop, but anything such as food and garbage into the hoop or basket. There are no limit to stop you from throwing things around.

There are total of 4 modes for you to play and each mode has different theme.

You can continue swipe the junks into basket as long as the junks fall into the basket.

You have to swipe as many as food into the frying pan before time runs out.

You have to swipe the balls and bounce it to the wall once before it goes into the hoop.

Same with endless mode and you can continue throw food into the blender. This mode offers another level of hoop, making the game more fun.

Do not limit yourself in just throwing basketball into the basket. There are much more items around you can throw. How well you can master the swiping skill and get a very high score? Download SWIPE MASTER and start to get a high score in each mode now!