WoodPecker Bird Dash

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Project Description

You can play the Woodpecker – Bird Dash game app which simulates the FAST action of a bird that tries its way to dash trees into wood pieces. The challenge is for you to guide the bird to avoid danger while it dashes hard onto its head by the tree trunk. Sounds are enhanced to simulate wood cracking feel.

What is the ultimate goal of the Woodpecker – Bird Dash game app ? It is to keep the bird away from danger avoiding to be hit by the tree branches above its head, while it races its way to the top of the tree to next level of the game play.

Use your left or right finger to tap on the screen to guide the woodpecker to move quickly from being hit. Once the tree branch hit the woodpecker or when you are unable to help the bird to cut down the tree within the time & life span, it’s game over, and you will need to start the game all over again.

With this Woodpecker – Bird Dash game app, you can move to next level of game play once the bird successfully dashes all the tree trunk and reach the top of the tree. The new version has added endless level of game play where you will face with fresh dangers and challenges.

Brand New Key Features of Woodpecker – Bird Dash free Game app:

  • New Stages
  • New PowerUp (SuperPeck)
  • New Challenge (Bird will freeze and dropping branches)
  • Leaderboard to motivate players

Key tips to play the game well:

  • Be fast but observant at the same time
  • Utilise the power ups to increase your scores
  • Try to stay at the top of the leaderboard at all times

To enjoy the game, the bird must use its super sonic power to dash the wood into pieces as quickly as possible. Download the woodpecker Bird Dash game app now while it is still free